Ambient Noise / Music and Work

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Posted 29 Jul 2013 in Music, Research

A for­mer mar­ket­ing PhD stu­dent of UBC, Ravi Mehta, now assis­tant pro­fes­sor at the Uni­ver­sity of Illi­nois, pre­vi­ously research how ambi­ent noise can enhance cre­ativ­ity. The reasearch is now pub­lished in The Jour­nal of Con­sumer Research and the find­ings caught the atten­tion of many, par­tic­u­larly New York Times’ jour­nal­ist Ana­had O’Connor. As pointed out in the NYT’s arti­cle, ambi­ent noise like the noise found in cof­fee shops helps to focus the mind on cre­ative task. That is not sur­pris­ing to me. I am always search for good ambi­ent sound or music to lis­ten when I work and I see that my mind is def­i­nitely more focused when I hear some ambi­ent music or noise. A dead envi­ron­ment like a library is no good for me.  Here are two of my favorites albums to lis­ten to when I work:

Blade Run­ner Orig­i­nal Sound­track by Van­galis

Tim Hecker — The Ravedeath 1972

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