What I talk about when I talk about running

I am cur­rently read­ing a great (and short) book by the Japan­ese author Haruki Murakami titled “What I talk about when I talk about run­ning”. Murakami usu­ally writes great fic­tion nov­els such as Nor­we­gian woods or Wind-up bird chron­i­cle but this book is really what the title says… what he talks about when he runs. Murakami is a long dis­tance run­ner and run­ning is one of his pas­sion. This is like a sort of a mem­oir of Murakami’s life but you really have the sense that run­ning and push­ing his lim­its really helps him to write bet­ter nov­els. I also run, not as much as him nor do I run long dis­tance (usu­ally not more than 15km) but I run often. Run­ning helps me to solve my research prob­lems and it really helps to gen­er­ate news ideas for future research. We all face moments where we lack cre­ativ­ity and I believe run­ning helps to reju­ve­nate your cre­ativ­ity and that is the sense you get from read­ing Murakami’s book. I strongly sug­gest this lit­tle won­der­ful book to all researchers. Some of you will relate to Murakami’s pas­sion for run­ning because you are run­ners as well and for oth­ers, it might ini­ti­ate the desire to start running.

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